Lewis Tied With Velasquez For Most KO’s In History

If Derrick ‘The Black Beast’ Lewis defeats Two Division Champion Daniel Cormier by Knockout at UFC 230 this coming weekend. He will in fact overtake Cormier’s loyal friend and team mate, former UFC Champion Cain Velasquez. With the Most Knockouts In UFC Heavyweight History.

Lewis and Velasquez both currently hold the record for the highest amount of knockouts in history, with 10. Although Cain has struggled with injuries over the past few years, Lewis has enjoyed a fruitful spell of victories inside the octagon, during his absence. The Black Beast is set to take on Daniel Cormier as the underdog once again, although this is an occasion all to familiar to Derrick. Fans have been reminded to never count out Lewis at any point during a fight, after his latest last minute brutal knockout victory, on Alexander Volkov.

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