Dana White Speaks On Cormier’s Retirement Plans

For quite some time now, UFC Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier has made it very clear that he plans to retire from the sport next year. However, president of the organisation Dana White hopes that he will be able to convince “DC” to stay for a while longer.

The UFC’s second-ever two weight champion set a more concrete date for his planned retirement earlier this year, when he turns 40 years old in March 2019. Up to this point, Cormier has been nothing but adamant that he plans to stick to that date. As shown by his recent return to the heavyweight decision. In his first bout back at heavyweight, DC took on Stipe Miocic in the headlining bout of UFC 226. Miocic had just set the record for the most consecutive heavyweight title defences with three in a row, Daniel Cormier brought that record to a crushing halt. With 27 seconds remaining in the first round of the fight, Cormier knocked out Miocic with a monstrous punch on the break of the clinch. More recently, at UFC 230, Cormier made his first heavyweight title defence look easy as he dominated Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis to a second round rear naked choke victory. Currently sitting atop the UFC’s pound-for-pound rankings, it is clear that Daniel Cormier is still one of the most elite mixed martial artists on the planet, and has not shown any signs of slowing down.

Cormier poses with his belts as the new double champ.

As such, Dana White, along with many UFC fans, believe it would be a shame to see Cormier retire when he is still capable of dominating the highest level of fighters in the sport. Speaking to TMZ, Dana White was asked about Cormier’s proposed retirement date in March. The UFC President responded: “I don’t know. We don’t know that either yet. I think Cormier’s got a couple left in him.”

Despite being only one of two men to hold the championship in two weight classes consecutively, there is still plenty for Cormier to accomplish. There is a potential money fight against former UFC Heavyweight champ and WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar, who will be eligible to compete again at the beginning of next year. That would be the biggest fight money-wise for DC, but as far as legacy goes, there is one certain match up that is on a whole other level of importance. A fight against one man, the only man on the planet to hold a victory over DC. This one man is Jon “Bones” Jones.

Jones is the most bitter rival of Daniel Cormier, and the pair share one of the most heated, most famous rivalries in the history of the organisation. Jon Jones is set to return at UFC 232 to take on arguably his toughest opponent to date, Alexander Gustafsson. It has been made somewhat clear that this bout will be for the official light-heavyweight championship. Meaning Cormier will be stripped of his belt and assuming he won, Jones would have Cormier’s title once again.

Jon Jones closing in on Daniel Cormier before regaining his title at UFC 214.

This would set up and absolutely HUGE trilogy fight between the two. When asked about a potential trilogy, Dana White said: “I hope so. That was what I would like. I would like to see Jones and Cormier fight at heavyweight but right now, Cormier’s team wants him to retire right now. They want him to retire right now. I hope we can get three more fights out of him”.

DC entering the octagon again largely depends on whether or not Brock Lesnar is available to compete early enough next year, and that is anybody’s guess. If not Lesnar though, a trilogy with Jones would be the other fight that fans are desperate to see, most likely at heavyweight, which might be a different ball game altogether, with Cormier yet to lose a single round at that weight class. A great ambassador for the sport, whatever path Cormier opts to take, he is sure to find success.

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