De La Hoya Looks To Settle Scores With Dana White

There has been tension for quite some time now between Oscar De La Hoya and Dana White, but since De La Hoya made his first foray into the world of Mixed Martial Arts, the tension has been rising and rising. Will the verbal back and forth ever turn into a physical one? Oscar De La Hoya seems to hope so.

Things began to head in that direction on Thursday, in a series of interesting media appearances in which UFC president Dana White and Golden Boy Promotions head Oscar De La Hoya traded barbs. International Boxing Hall of Famer, Oscar De La Hoya, appeared on the Luke Thomas Show on Sirius XM. He used his time on the show to challenge Dana White to a fight.

“Let’s get in the ring. Yeah, why not? Let’s get in the ring. Three rounds, let’s do this.”

The event that sparked the recent resurrection of the rivalry between the two promoters was De La Hoya’s boxing promotion, Golden Boy, put on its first ever MMA event. The thing that irked Dana White was the use of two retired UFC legends in the main event, and also De La Hoya’s claims that UFC fighters are underpaid.

After the inaugural Golden Boy MMA event had transpired, both parties upped the ante with their comments on one another. Dana White has described De La Hoya as a “cokehead,” meanwhile De La Hoya has continuously made disparaging comments about the UFC’s fighter pay.

A noticeably irritated Dana White made an appearance on ESPN’s First Take, to respond to the comments made by De La Hoya.

“It’s one thing to sit around with your friends and lie. It’s another thing to go on ESPN and lie. So here are the facts. I have paid Chuck Liddell more money over the years not to fight in the last seven years than he paid him to fight Tito Ortiz. That’s a fact, number one. From 2011 to 2017, when I asked him to retire, we paid him around $400,000 a year to not fight.”

The original video of Dana White’s appearance on ESPN’s First Take seems to have been removed by ESPN, instead, here is another video of Dana White on ESPN’s ‘Get Up!’, speaking on the same subject.

The California State Athletic Commission revealed the fighter pay from the Golden Boy event, revealing that Liddell received $250,000 for the fight, this amount does not take pay-per-view money into consideration. It is estimated that the event garnered around 30,000 pay-per-view buys.

White continued to make clear that of the $580,000 shown in the released fighter payouts, $450,000 was assigned to Liddell and Ortiz, a mere $95,000 went to the 16 contests shown before the main event. White also disclosed that the UFC has paid $1.2 million to fighters appearing on the undercard in 2018 alone. That is the total figure from the entire year, amassing more than 40 events, with an average of approximately eight undercard fights each event, this figure would need to be divided by two fighters per fight to reach the per-fight figure.

“This is about an idiot coming on this show and lying. He’s a liar.”

Irrespective of which man is being truthful, Oscar De La Hoya is of the opinion that the best way to sort this out is by stepping into the ring. De La Hoya has stated that he’d be happy to host the bout on the Canelo Cinco de Mayo event.

“Let’s do this under Canelo Cinco de Mayo. I’ll even give you five months so you can get off the juice and then we can, you know, get in great shape and then we go three rounds, and then, I’m going to give you what, a 50-pound advantage? That’s okay, I can take you on. Let’s do it.”

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