Rizin 14 Main Event Recap

The Rizin Fighting Federation held their 14th Pay Per View event on New Years’ Eve. It was a great event with exciting bouts from star to finish, featuring athletes like Gabi Garcia, Kyoji Horiguchi and Bellator’s Bantamweight king Darrion Caldwell. The event dragged on for hours due to long intermissions, most likely caused by Floyd Mayweather showing up hours late to the venue.

Mayweather arrived significantly late, leading some members of the media to question whether or not the bout had been cancellled.

The all-time great boxer was there to face fast-rising kickboxing prodigy Tenshin Nasukawa in the main event of the evening. The bout was advertised as no more than a three round exhibition boxing match, with no judges. Floyd Mayweather himself even described the contest as a sparring match. Due to the fact that there would be no judges, the only way a winner could have been determined was by way of knockout, and it was made clear very quick that Floyd Mayweather wanted there to be a winner. Tenshin Nasukawa, more than two decades younger than Mayweather, smaller, and three weight-classes lighter, was simply unable to keep up with the speed of the professional boxer, and was unable to land any punches that had Floyd in trouble. Straight from the off, Floyd was having fun, as the contest started, Mayweather confidently paced towards Nasukawa grinning from ear to ear. The fighters moved around the ring for around half a minute before Mayweather decided to get things started, dropping Nasukawa with a left hook landing just behind the ear.

Floyd Mayweather enjoyed the bout, having a big smile on his face throughout.

The kickboxer found his way back to his feet before being knocked down again with a clean right uppercut. With a few seconds left on the clock in the first round, Mayweather dropped Nasukawa a third time, resulting in the corner throwing the towel in during the referee’s 10-count.

Floyd raises the hand of a visibly distraught Nasukawa.

After the bout, Mayweather said:

“It was all about entertainment, we had fun. Tenshin is one hell of a fighter and is a true champion. Tenshin, hold your head up high. You’re still a champion. I want the whole world to support Tenshin. He’s a great guy and a great champion.”

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