UFC Fighters Predict Dillashaw vs. Cejudo

With the first UFC event of 2019 just a week away. A handful of fighters have discussed their picks for the Main Event slot featuring a Champ vs Champ Title fight between TJ Dillashaw (Bantamweight) and Henry Cejudo (Flyweight). 


Colby Covington – ‘TJ will knock him out. Henry is just a one dimensional wrestler and his striking sucks. I see Dillashaw putting them hands on him’.

Israel Adesanya – ‘From what I’ve seen, I would say TJ. I love the way he flows, and I like his work. But Henry levelled up with that win over DJ.’

Wonderboy Thompson – ‘Im going with my man TJ, he is a man of focus and discipline. I saw a photo of him recently. He’s shredded, I know he wont have a problem making the weight’.

Alex Hernandez – ‘I have to go with my boy Dillashaw of course, I think he takes it home’.

Renato Moicano – ‘TJ is an incredible mixed martial artist, striker and wrestler. But I’m going with Cejudo’.

Rob Font – ‘I’m going with TJ on that one, I can definitely see him getting the finish. Probably inside the first 3 rounds.’

Brian Kelleher – ‘I think TJ has the more well rounded skill set, he’s able to mix up his game a lot better. But Henry looked great against DJ, so its an interesting fight for sure. Honestly I think TJ will win either via TKO or Decision.’


Who are you rooting for this weekend? Personally, I’m picking Dillashaw. But it wouldn’t be the first time Cejudo has caused an upset!

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