No shot Ngannou?

Neck snapping uppercut or a popped knee? The great debate begins as fans war over the conclusion of the UFC on ESPN card which saw the scariest man alive Francis Ngannou knock out the returning Cain Velasquez within 26 seconds of the main event. Tears were nearly shed by some, the return of Cain is something MMA fans have been looking forward too and the sour taste left in all viewers mouths is something I’m still trying to rid myself.

Ngannou finishes Cain in Phoenix. Photo Via MMAfighting

With this win, Francis is now back in the win column and will be setting his eyes on UFC gold as he looks to bounce back into contendership. Adding another Knockout to his highlight real, Francis finally seems to have shrugged a recent bad run of results finding himself back on a two fight winning streak, previously beating Curtis Blaydes and putting the division on notice that “The Predator” is back.

Unfortunately however for the Cameroonian mixed martial artist, a title shot is still just a little out of reach. Why? I hear you ask, who else to dampen our hopes and dreams with doom and gloom? Queue Dana White.

“Well figure something out” Photo Via Yahoo

Speaking with ESPN after Sunday’s event Dana spoke of how ‘”Yeah Francis is up there” before adding “Cormier’s hurt right now and we have another fight lined up for Cormier first so, we’ll see how this whole thing plays out.”

Before we get excited, let us remind ourselves DC was originally meant to be facing former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar but talks of the two competing quickly silenced and we’ve not heard anything else about the situation still. I expect Brock to return but I think the DC fight is seeming less and less of happening especially with how quiet things have gone regarding the two. I would say this opens up the path for a Stipe rematch but I feel the former champ has sat out too long on the expectation  he’ll get an immediate rematch which unfortunately hasn’t been the case, (unpopular opinion: immediate title rematches only in draws or split decisions).

DC winning the Heavyweight Title to become Champ Champ. Photo Via Yahoo

When asked about who the possible opponent could be Dana replied “Cormier is not healthy yet so I would never announce a fight without it being done, It makes no sense. I don’t even know when Cormier’s gonna be ready.” dang it.

Cormier is currently sidelined due to a back injury so hopefully if recovery goes well we should expect him to be back to the octagon by the end of the year.

Do You think Ngannou deserves the next shot? What do you think is the next step in the Heavyweight division? Let us know in the comments below!



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