Five of the WORST judges’ decisions in the UFC

Its a hard job being a judge, but its even harder being a fighter on the receiving end of a bad decision which they arguably should have won. The phrase ‘never leave it in the hands of the judges’ ripples through the UFC and is arguably one of Dana Whites most famous sayings, but is also a harsh bittersweet reminder that you best have impressed and done your utmost otherwise.. it could bite you in the rear. Throughout this article we will go into five of, in my opinion, the worst decisions that have happened in the UFC over the years. In no particular order, HEEEEEEERE WE GOOOOOOO!

Michael Bisping vs Matt Hamill – UFC 75

Bisping Vs Hamill slugging it out at UFC 75. Photo via LowKickMMA

This classic robbery will come to the minds of many when regarding a debatable judges decision, and this isn’t debatable.. just plain bad judging. UFC 75 was hosted at the o2 Arena in London, which many straightaway will scream bias as it was the native Michael Bisping who picked up this controversial win. Early analysis led many to believe that Bisping would have the advantage stood up whilst American Hamill was favoured more on the ground, this of course did not go to plan. Hamill hammered ‘The Count’ and out wrestled him in the first two rounds, rocking him early on in the first round.

Hamill slowed down in the final round and succumb to a large volume of striking from Bisping, but was never in any real danger of the fight being finished. It is and was a clear 29-28 victory in favour of the American but unbelievably two of the Judges sided the other way! Just for the record the only judge that was British voted in favour of Hamill so yeah. Dont come at us.

GSP vs Johnny Hendricks – UFC 167

This picture alone says a thousand words..

Another fight night robbery and perhaps the most infamous of all.. Greatest Of All Time GSP was set to defend his Welterweight title against top contender Johnny Hendricks. Some might have deemed this an easy fight for GSP, but boy were they wrong.

Hendricks, despite nearly being caught out with an early guillotine, went on a rampage with immaculate take down defence and furious strikes from the clinch. That along with an even more dominant second round which saw GSP rocked and hurt several times definitely gave the challenger the early upper hand. GSP did comeback in the third round and completely dominated the fifth in what seemed like a taking part round for Hendricks, but was poor in the fourth round as he was held in bottom position and dominated by Hendricks.

As you can probably guess the scores should have easily been 48-47 to Hendricks but was shockingly given in favour of GSP! To rub salt in the wound further, GSP took a long hiatus from the sport which angered fans and notably Dana White who was outraged he had left before giving Hendricks a rematch.

Evan Dunham vs Sean Sherk – UFC 119

Sherk steals the split decision. Photo via

This fight is pretty hard to watch when you know the ill fated result. Former UFC Lightweight champion Sean Sherk faced off with impressive prospect Evan Dunham, who was riding a 12 fight win streak going into the bout. Dunham, nearly finished the fight in the first round, catching Sherk with a tight guillotine choke that turned Sherk purple, but Sherk replied with a vicious elbow splitting Dunham open which ‘could’ have won Sherk the round. The second and third however are no debate, as he nearly choked out Sherk twice in the second round and nearly finished him in the third with a thrashing high kick. The fight should’ve been deemed atleast 29-28 to Dunham but alas, another one bit the dust. Much to the disgust of the fans as Sherk was given the 29-28 split decision victory.

Germaine De Randamie vs Holly Holm – UFC 208

GDR vs Holm, UFC 208. Photo via The Telegraph

This is definitely one of, if not the most controversial decision in UFC female history. Fighting for the vacant Featherweight title, fan favourite Holly Holm and KB Queen Germaine De Randamie faced off in what was set to be a clash of two of the worlds best stand up artists in Mixed Martial Arts.. BOY WERE WE WRONG. The fight itself wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t the most entertaining and definitely not the best of both athletes. The controversy here doesn’t come with the judges messing up who won what round, in this case it was more of a where were the point deductions against GDR?

Repeatedly after the bell, GDR landed heavy blows at Holly Holm but despite being cautioned had no points at all deducted! This happening would have won Holly the fight and consequently changed the entire course of the Featherweight division, as GDR was stripped of the title not long after due to refusing to fight the number 1 contender Cris Cyborg. Holly did however end up fighting again for the title, against Cris Cyborg and lost via decision which before the Nunes fight, was definitely Cyborgs toughest fight to date.

Randy Couture vs Brandon Vera – UFC 105

Vera and Couture fought in Manchester for UFC 105. Photo via YT

A fight in which literally saw an entire crowd turn against a fan favourite. A fight in which literally theft is the only term to describe it. The fight in question? Brandon Vera vs Randy Couture. Headlining the Manchester card, Couture was a clear cut favourite to beat the at time prospect Brandon Vera. His dirty boxing and dominant clinch game kept him at the top of the Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight divisions respectively for years and despite a recent loss to Brock Lesnar, Randy was still to be feared.

Taking the first round due to having the more aggressive nature, Randy was clearly comfortable and expecting more of the same in the coming rounds, however that was definitely not to be the case. Brandon Vera dominated the second round with kicks and knees to the core due to Couture’s failed clinch attempts and in the third round used his highly underestimated Greco-Roman wrestling to dominate and stay in top position to seemingly secure his victory. As we all know to well that didn’t happen.. with a UNANIMOUS decision being awarded to Couture in three 29-28 scorecards.

The fans were livid and boos rang out through the arena and shockwaved into the MMA universe. Vera noticeably sat slumped, shaking his head on the steps of the octagon. Who can blame him ey? This decision still baffles me today, I cannot fathom it at all!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for taking the time out to read this article! Are there any you disagree with or are a more memorable robbery? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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