Conor Mcgregor: ”Im ready to fight” wants shares of UFC

The Notorious Conor McGregor has been in high spirits as of late, celebrating St. Patrick’s day weekend and also taking some time to promote his Whiskey, Proper 12.

It was his 30 minute discussion in Chicago however, which has got fans yearning for the former UFC Featherweight and Lightweight champions return.

The video which can be seen below, was taken by’s Mike Pendleton.

”I’m ready to fight, I’ve said that. No problem, If the UFC wants me to slide into that co-main event slot and help, what that is, if I slide into the co-main event it’s boosting their brand over fighter rhetoric that they have. There’s no problem with that. If they want me to push that and I have no problem pushing that, give me my rightful shares in the UFC company. That’s all I ask. You can put me on the first fight of ESPN+ but just give me my shares. So, we’ll see what happens”

Wanting shares of the UFC company is something McGregor has been hinting to since his historic victory at UFC 205, but has been subsequently shot down numerous times by Dana White.

Conor Mcgregor vs Cowboy Cerrone unfortunately didn’t materialise any further. Photo via

It is a breath of fresh air for fans of McGregor, as he seems to be continually showing a desire and determination to get back in the octagon and get fighting as soon as possible. It was rumoured that a fight between McGregor and Cowboy Cerrone was set to take place but again, talks seem to have gone stale for the two. We may be getting treated however to the trilogy we all want to see concluded.. McGregor vs Diaz.

Diaz recently took to Twitter stating he wasn’t going to be cutting any more weight and would fight at 185lbs, which was oddly met by McGregor responding to Nate’s tweet, seemingly verbally agreeing to a bout at 185lbs.

Who do you think Conor’s next fight will be? Will he get his company shares? Let us know in the comments below




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