Henry Cejudo and Marlon Moraes trade shots for vacant UFC Bantamweight Title

The wheels are in motion to crown a new UFC Bantamweight Champion following a dramatic day which saw TJ Dillashaw vacate his title due to a potential USADA anti-doping violation.

Following the breaking news story, numerous fighters have laid their claim for what they believe is theirs, a shot at the title. Marlon Moraes seems to be the fan favourite for a shot at the 135lb crown and I tend to agree, he is riding a 4 fight win streak, 3 of those being stoppages against top ranked opponents, and has stayed active in his division. Who he would face however is what is getting people talking and one man has definitely imposed himself as a likely contender, our UFC Flyweight Champion Henry Cejudo.

The incident was started by Henry Cejudo, who was speaking to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani and stated ”It ain’t the flyweight division or the bantamweight division it’s the Cejudoweight division.” A statement that wasn’t received so well as it prompted Marlon Moraes to make a statement of his own to Ariel Helwani, ”We all saw what happened with T.J. changing weight classes last time. If he is thinking about bringing his little ass up to 135, he’s in trouble.” You can check out Moraes statement below:

As you can imagine Henry wasn’t about to let this slide and fired back again, ”I was the youngest Olympic gold medalist. I am the UFC flyweight champion and I just knocked out a PED user in 32 seconds. You think I’m afraid of a World Series of Fighting former champion? Lol”

Which finally led to the body bag of the month from Moraes who replied with a little jab at Henry Cejudo’s recent love interest with WWE star Nikki Bella. ”Stay humble my friend take care of your business I will take care of mine or You’ll strike out with me worse than you did with that WWE girl 

Its a definitely intriguing match up and one I would love to see! Especially since Henry Cejudo’s stock has risen significantly with his back to back victories of Demetrius Johnson and TJ Dillashaw. It also makes sense for this fight to happen as it was rumoured Henry would rematch TJ for the 135lb crown? Nothing is guaranteed just yet but the mess that has been left by yesterdays revelations, are a long way from being cleaned up.

Check out some fighter reactions to TJ Dillashaw potential USADA violation here.

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