Molly McCann aims to be UFC poster girl

Britain’s Molly ‘meatball’ McCann is thinking big following her first UFC victory, as she looks to be the UFC’s poster girl in the UK.


McCann as Cage Warriors Champion. Image Credit: MMA Fighting

In an interview with BBC sport, McCann said “The UFC hasn’t got a European poster girl. They haven’t got a British poster girl or an English poster girl until me, I just think I am the person that is going to make everyone follow it.”

McCann suffered a broken orbital bone in her UFC victory and is expected to be back in 6 weeks. Image credit:

McCann lost her UFC debut in May of 2018, losing by submission to Canada’s Gillian Robertson. Since then, ‘Meatball’ has been working on her nutrition with Liverpool John Moores University, and looks to make her city proud “It’s hard to not be humble when you’re from Liverpool, but I went travelling when I was younger to learn a bit of humility” commented McCann in an attempt to win over fans.

Image credit: FightPost

McCann believes she can be the one to take Womens’ MMA in Britain to a new level, stating “I am a sensitive soul so I always want to help people. Maybe people don’t see that side of me because I am just the loud ‘Meatball’ – but my life literally consists of the gym, coffee, vinyl and Everton Football Club, and it has been like that for about the past five or six years.”

Image credit: BBC

McCann is certainly a character, and an exciting prospect to watch for the future. She very well could achieve what she is setting out to do and become the face of the UFC in her homeland, much like stars such as Conor McGregor and hometown native Darren Till have in the past.

Image credit: The Sun

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