Anthony Pettis: CM Punk still training in MMA

Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis revealed in an interview with TMZ the news that WWE Superstar and failed (so far) UFC fighter CM Punk is still training in MMA at Roufusport MMA Academy. CM Punk, whose real name is Phil Brooks has a 0-2-0 record in his MMA career so far, after losing comprehensively to both Mickey Gall via submission after 2:14 of the first round at UFC 203 and Mike Jackson via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26) at UFC 225.

CM Punk was submitted by Mickey Gall on his UFC debut. Photo via MMA Fighting

Despite his record so far, Pettis, fresh from a KO victory of ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson in Nashville on Saturday, suggests that CM Punk is as determined as ever to improve his skills.

”CM Punk is still there,” ‘Showtime’ said. “He’s doing more of the jiu jitsu, the rolling. The time that he should have spent getting ready to fight is what he’s doing now. They put a lot of pressure on him. They made him come over with no experience and fight on the biggest stage. I don’t know anybody that could do that. Not even some young kids.”

Although training with CM Punk at the Roufusport, Pettis has no idea what the future has in store for the ex-WWE Superstar in the UFC Octagon. Pettis showed his admiration for CM Punk, and suggested what he has achieved should not be ignored.

”Yeah, he is still training. I don’t know what his plan is. I know he’s doing some movies and a couple other things, but I don’t know if he plans on fighting again or what. But he’s still training. He’s in the gym. That dude’s a hard worker.”

”Not many people could do what he did,” Pettis concluded. “It’s on the biggest stage. He fought some good guys, too. It’s not like he’s fighting scrubs. He fought some good guys in the UFC. And he’s training with killers. He’s training with me, [Tyron] Woodley. He comes in day after day, and he’s getting his butt kicked, but he keeps coming back and showing up. I give him props no matter what. He did it.”

CM Punk is still officially a UFC fighter, but it remains to be seen whether he will fight in the Octagon again. After his heavy defeat at UFC 225, Dana White told journalists that CM Punk is unlikely to compete in the UFC again, but if he keeps training with fighters as accomplished as Anthony Pettis and Tyron Woodley, perhaps he will improve enough to be offered another shot.

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