Colby Covington sounds off on ’36-year-old virgin’ Ben Askren

The two outspoken Welterweights Colby Covington and Ben Askren, have been participating in a war of words ever since Askren’s arrival in the promotion late last year, and since that controversial debut at UFC 235, the heat between the two hasn’t cooled.

Colby Covington teases in the octagon. Photo Via LowKickMMA

Ben Askren made his UFC debut to Robbie Lawler at UFC 235, in which Askren won via bulldog choke in the first round. The controversy? Herb Dean thought Lawler was unconscious, but in fact, he was conscious and responsive. It is an unfortunate case but it does happen, albeit rarely, and Robbie Lawler has been very accepting of the situation but understandably, wants his rematch. Que cage side Colby Covington, whom after causing mayhem all fight week, decided to cause some more mayhem backstage having a brief exchange with Askren backstage.

”How could you be impressed? Ben Askren, he got dropped on his head. Let’s be honest, he should give his Hodge Trophy, that wrestling trophy, to Robbie Lawler, because Robbie Lawler took him down more times than he took Robbie down. And if it wasn’t for Herb Dean saving his life, he was going to get his head knocked into the first row. So the guy needs to run that back with Robbie Lawler and actually get a UFC win before he can start talking about the top of the mountain. He hasn’t done anything in this sport. He’s a 36-year-old virgin. A little science school nerd. So I don’t really have anything to say. He’s a bum. He can’t even throw a punch.” Colby Covington said, speaking to MMA Fighting.

Ben Askren celebrates victory over Robbie Lawler. Photo via LowKickMMA

Obviously unimpressed by Askren’s performance, and along with the controversial decision, many including Dana White are campaigning on a rematch between the two fighters, one which Askren would ‘pass’ as he said as he fancied the winner of Masvidal and Till. Covington is again unimpressed by Ben Askren’s future opponent prospects and had this to say:

”So if you don’t want to run that back, then what are you doing here? You’re not out here to prove that you’re the best. You’re just trying to look for easy matchups and he’s just looking for that good payday and then he’s going to ride off into the sunset, because he’s a 36-year-old virgin. He’s got probably a year or two left of fighting in him. I don’t know if he’ll crack the top five by the time he’s 40. Just being honest.”

A match up between Covington and Askren would definitely be an interesting fight, with Colby allegedly fighting Usman for the Welterweight title next it could be a way of from materialising.


























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