Novitzky reveals UFC athletes most tested without issue

Taking to Twitter, UFC Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky revealed the athletes most tested by USADA without any adverse findings.

USADA and UFC started working together in 2015 to clean up the sport amidst widespread accusations of doping amongst UFC fighters. It has been far from smooth sailing since then, with USADA being accused of lacking integrity. In addition, athletes such as Jon Jones have been allowed to compete despite adverse findings in test results despite serving a suspension already.

The thing that immediately pops up about those fighters on this list is that all are current or former champions. It is good to know those at the top of the sport are generally clean and can prove it.

In addition, it is also startling how many times Conor McGregor was tested for the Mayweather boxing match, over a period of just two months.

Here is the list of the most cleanly tested athletes;

Conor McGregor – 49 samples in a row (38 UFC/11 for Mayweather fight)

Image: Sky Sports

Daniel Cormier – 45 samples

Image: UFC

Rafael dos Anjos – 41 samples

Image: UFC

Holly Holm – 39 samples

Image: BBC

Stipe Miocic – 38 samples

Image: USA Today

Completing the list are; Robbie Lawler – 37 samples; Amanda Nunes – 36 samples; Jose Aldo – 36 samples and Tyron Woodley – 35 samples.

Whatever you think of USADA and their work with UFC, long may these runs of clean samples continue.

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