Max Holloway gives his view on McGregor & Khabib beef

Max Holloway, UFC Featherweight champion is currently preparing for his double weight venture against Dustin Poirier at UFC 236. Speaking on Friday via The Luke Thomas Show Holloway discussed his take on the recent Khabib – McGregor feud:

”You know, that things is, it’s not even a fighting thing. I don’t even worry about it. I’m glad that Dana White said he was going to step in and intervene. So that’s good. But, you know these guys go such a platform. You know, let’s talk about.. what I’ve been saying is climate change. Everybody is telling me that it is supposed to be warmer right now, and it’s cold here! In Hawaii it’s cold! It’s like seventy degrees. Maybe not cold to you guys, but it is cold to me. Climate change is real guys and the earth is not flat! So let’s talk about stories like that. None of this other stuff that’s going on.”

A cool response from the champion who was later asked if there was anything that an opponent could say, which would make him lash out the way Conor McGregor or Khabib Nurmagomedov recently did to which he responded:

”No not at all. Nah nah, you can say anything. You can say whatever, this and that. It is what it is. Its UFC. At the end of the day come see me in the octagon. That’s where we get paid. I’m not trying to fight for free. I’m not going to punch you for free. I’m not going to beat you up in private. No, I want this to be public. A public shame.”

Image Credit: MMA Junkie

A cool response from Max Holloway, a fighter known for his calm head and brutal displays in the cage. Holloway is recently coming off a savage victory over Brian Ortega and looks to claim ”champ champ” status this weekend at UFC 236.

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