UFC 236: LIVE Play-By-Play, Results

Can’t watch UFC 236? Not to worry, follow this page for LIVE updates and results from the UFC’s biggest event so far this year.

Due to technical difficulties, the live play-by-play will only be starting from Wilson Reis vs Alexandre Pantoja onwards. However, here are the results so far:

Brandon Davis def. Randy Costa by submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:12 of Round Two

Poliana Botelho def. Lauren Mueller by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Montel Jackson def. Andre Soukhamthath by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 29-27)

Belal Muhammad def. Curtis Millender by unanimous decision (29-27 x2, 30-26)

Khalid Taha def. Boston Salmon by TKO (strikes) at 0:25 of Round One

Max Griffin def. Zelim Imadaev by majority decision (29-27 x2, 28-28)

Alexandre Pantoja def. William Reis by TKO (strikes) at 2:58 of Round One

Matt Frevola def. Jalin Turner by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Nikita Krylov def. Ovince Saint Preux by Submission (rear naked choke) at 2:30 of Round Two

Dwight Grant def. Alan Jouban by split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)

Khalil Rountree Jr def. Eryk Anders by unanimous decision (30-26 x3)

Israel Adesanya def. Kelvin Gastelum by unanimous decision (48-46 x3)

Dustin Poirier def. Max Holloway by unanimous decision (49-46 x3)

Wilson Reis vs Alexandre Pantoja

Round One: The men touch gloves and we’re underway. Reis floating out the jab early. Leg kick from Reis countered by a right hook from Pantoja. Pantoja repeatedly throwing a teep to the body with varied success. Reis drives Pantoja to the cage looking for the double leg, Reis briefly completes the takedown before Pantoja gets back to his feet. Pantoja hits Reis with a HARD straight right hand, knocking Reis to the ground. Some vicious ground and pound from Pantoja and Jason Herzog steps in to call a halt to the action. Pantoja is the winner by first-round TKO.

Jalin Turner vs Matt Frevola

Round One: Right away Frevola takes Turner down and gets into side control. He rains down some elbows before taking the back. Turner trying to stand up while Frevola tries to get the hooks in for the choke. Frevola lands a couple hard left hands before Turner scrambles and gets back to his feet. Frevola immediately goes for more takedowns but they are stuffed. Turner is tagging Frevola with hard punches on the feet. Frevola appeared to be stunned before taking Turner to the ground once again. Turner attempted to lock in a guillotine but couldn’t get it. Soon after, Frevola tried a guillotine of his own that was locked in tight, Turner thought about tapping but hung in there and the fighters are now back on their feet. A couple stand up exchanges and another Frevola takedown attempt brings in the end of round one.

Planet MMA scoring: 10-9 Matt Frevola

Round Two: Some wild hooks from Frevola narrowly miss the target. Frevola shoots for a takedown near the cage but Turner does well to defend. Frevola continues to relentlessly look for the takedown but yet again Turner keeps the action standing. An attempted single leg from Frevola is countered with a guillotine attempt from Turner, Frevola escapes the choke and winds up on top. After a short scramble, Frevola attempts a guillotine of his own but Turner pops right out and attempts to land some shots. Frevola throwing wild upkicks catches the eye of Turner and Goddard pauses the action. The doctor is in to assess Turner’s eye. Replays show that Frevola’s heel drives straight into Turner’s eyeball. No action taken from the doctor or Goddard. The fighters touch gloves in the middle and the round comes to a close.

Planet MMA scoring: 10-9 Matt Frevola (20-18 in favor of Frevola)

Round Three: The men come out for the third and share a couple exchanges on the feet, nothing significant landed. Turner has the center of the Octagon as Frevola circles around the outside. Frevola slips a right overhand before eating a strong left hook from Turner. Frevola rushes Turner and lands the takedown, the men land in the full guard position but Frevola quickly passes into half guard. Shortly after a brief arm triangle attempt from Frevola, he passes again and gets himself into side control. Turner gets an underhook and the men are back to the feet. Turner instantly lands a big knee that appears to wobble Frevola but he recovers quickly. As the men trade shots towards the end of the round, Frevola lands a strong one-two. In the dying seconds, Frevola shoots for another takedown that is completed just as the bell sounds.

Planet MMA scoring: 10-9 Matt Frevola (30-27 in favour of Matt Frevola)

Ovince Saint Preux vs Nikita Krylov

Round One: Krylov opens with a nice kick to the body before a good straight right that lands with a strong push kick right after. Clean striking from Krylov early. OSP lands the takedown but Krylov gets to his feet, but does not escape entirely as OSP holds him against the fence. Krylov spins the clinch round so OSP has his back to the cage before throwing a knee to the head. OSP then lands a trip takedown but again, Krylov is straight to his feet. This time, Krylov attempts a takedown, but OSP reverses and winds up on top and into half guard. He then passes into full mount and drops elbows on Krylov. The Ukranian survives the bad situation and navigates his way back to his feet. Krylov looks to be a threat with his striking as he catches OSP with some more punches and kicks before tying him up against the Octagon once more.

Round Two: Krylov looks light on his feet as he comes out for the second round, OSP looks a little tired. After throwing some kicks, Krylov lands a clean right hand that causes OSP to tie up the clinch against the fence. After some failed takedown attempts from OSP, Krylov is able to land a big takedown of his own, before getting into top mount. After eating a few shots, OSP turns and gives up his back. Krylov rains down some shots and lands an elbow to the side of OSP’s head before sinking in a rear naked choke. It looks tight and OSP is struggling. He taps, and Nikita Krylov welcomes himself into the top-15 at light heavyweight.

Alan Jouban vs Dwight Grant

Round One: Grant throwing out the jab early. Jouban charges in and ties Grant against the cage before taking him down. Both men bounce straight to their feet before Jouban narrowly misses a head kick. The men exchange and Grant throws some bombs at Jouban. A strong left from Grant stuns Jouban as he storms in. Grant’s power looking dangerous early. Grant throws wild shots at Jouban that miss before landing a good left hook over the top. Jouban tries to pick up the pace and chases Grant but doesn’t land anything significant. Jouban narrowly misses another headkick before eating an overhand right from Grant as the round comes to a close.

Planet MMA scoring: 10-9 Dwight Grant

Round Two: In the first exchange of the round, Jouban gets clipped with a number of shots, most notably a strong right hook which appears to briefly stun him. Jouban’s chin holding up so far. Grant repeatedly attempting an axe kick from too far out of range. Easily evaded by Jouban. Jouban is the one moving forward but he is so far being outstruck by Grant. Left hand landed from Jouban before he clinches against the cage. A nice elbow is landed from Jouban as the men break. Little action until the end of the round.

Planet MMA scoring: 10-9 Alan Jouban (19-19 after two rounds)

Round Three: Grant narrowly misses an uppercut but lands a right hand as the round opens. Not a whole lot of shots getting landed as most are blocked or missed by both men. Jouban attempts a kick that connects with Grant in the groin as the bout is paused. The men meet again in the middle and trade kicks. Jouban evades a combination from Grant before landing a good right hand. Jouban attempts a handplant spinning head kick but narrowly misses before Grant lands a decent left hook to the body. Jouban takes Grant to the ground and gets into back mount. Grant turns over as Jouban rains down strikes and the final round comes to a close.

Planet MMA scoring: 10-9 Alan Jouban (29-28 in favour of Alan Jouban)

Eryk Anders vs Khalil Rountree

Round One: Rountree comes out in a very traditional Muay Thai stance, before landing a hard couple of kicks to Anders’ lead leg. Rountree lands a push kick to the body before throwing wild right and left hooks that narrowly miss. Solid Muay Thai on display from Rountree, Anders looking puzzled and backing up thus far. Rountree repeatedly beating up the lead leg of Anders. Rountree continues to terrorize the lead leg of Anders, this will become a serious problem if Anders doesn’t start checking or dodging these kicks.

Planet MMA scoring: 10-9 Khalil Rountree

Round Two: Rountree comes out looking extremely fresh before landing a body kick then a hard left down the pipe that knocks Anders to the mat. Rountree hammers away at the lead leg of Anders before attacking the head with punches. Rountree then lets Anders back to his feet. In an exchange of left hands, Anders is dropped again but is let back up to his feet. After failing a takedown attempt, Anders presses forward before being dropped for a third time with a vicious combination from Rountree. Again, Rountree lets Anders back to his feet. Rountree lands a hard body kick then drops Anders again with a lead hook. Herzog takes a good look but lets the fight continue. As Rountree circles his downed opponent, Herzog steps in and gets the fight back on the feet. Rountree lands another lead leg kick before the round ends. Total domination from Rountree.

Planet MMA scoring: 10-8 Khalil Rountree (20-17 after two rounds)

Round Three: The doctor is in to check up on Anders, but gives him the all clear. Anders comes out fighting but Rountree repeatedly stifles him with punishing lead leg kicks. As Rountree’s confidence grows he is getting more adventurous with his strikes as Anders repeatedly tries to land the straight right. Rountree tags Anders with a hard leg kick, body kick combo. Anders lands an uppercut on Rountree before Rountree attacks the body before moving back upstairs. Another leg kick from Rountree is followed by two attempted head kicks from Anders before the fight comes to a close.

Planet MMA scoring: 10-9 Khalil Rountree (30-26 in favor of Khalil Rountree)

Kelvin Gastelum vs Israel Adesanya

Round One: Gastelum comes out fast and takes the center of the Octagon. Feints from Kelvin have Adesanya reacting, seems like Israel is aware of the power carried in Gastelum’s hands. Adesanya lands a body kick before Gastelum drops Stylebender with a hard hook. Adesanya evades and takes some time to recover. Gastelum continues to throw heat whenever Adesanya gets close. Kelvin looking very dangerous early on. Adesanya using head movement to slightly evade the bombs coming his way courtesy of Gastelum. Kelvin lands another good right hook. Adesanya continues to evade as the round comes to an end.

Planet MMA scoring: 10-9 Kelvin Gastelum

Round Two: Same start to the first as Gastelum rushes to take the center of the cage before Adesanya lands a good body kick. Gastelum almost lands a hard left over the top but Adesanya moves slightly out of range. Another body kick from Israel is followed by a head kick that lands. Gastelum presses Adesanya to the cage with a flurry but doesn’t land anything hard. As the fighters return to the centre of the cage, Israel lands a hard straight right that drops Gastelum. Kelvin gets back to his feet but is getting quite reckless throwing bombs as Adesanya continues to snipe Kelvin, managing distance well. A clean spinning elbow from Adesanya clearly hurts Kelvin Gastelum shortly before the round ends.

Planet MMA scoring: 10-9 Israel Adesanya (19-19 after two rounds)

Round Three: Adesanya opens up the third throwing out his jab as Kelvin seems to have calmed himself down. Gastelum lands a left straight to the body. Kelvin throws two right overhands that are both made to miss by Adesanya. Israel lands a clean right hand before a knee to the body. Another Adesanya right hand followed by a kick to the body this time. Gastelum slips some shots from Adesanya before landing a right hook. Gastelum completes a takedown but Adesanya gets to the fence and gets back to his feet. Kelvin’s punches beginning to look more labored as we reach the end of the third.

Planet MMA scoring: 10-9 Israel Adesanya (29-28 in favour of Israel Adesanya)

Round Four: Kelvin comes out in the fourth throwing bombs with both left and right hooks. Again, Israel narrowly evades. Adesanya briefly catches Kelvin in the Muay Thai plum to land a knee to the body before they separate. Adesanya lands a hard right hand but Gastelum didn’t even appear to flinch. Impressive head movement from Adesanya evades even more bombs from Gastelum. Both fighters trade and both land shots, Adesanya coming slightly better off from the exchange. Gastelum lands a nice left hand over the top but Israel seems unfazed. Gastelum hits Adesanya with a head kick that hurts Stylebender, realising this, Gastelum throws some punches before changing levels against the fence. Israel fights back but the round ends with a straight left from Gastelum before pressing Adesanya against the fence.

Planet MMA scoring: 10-9 Kelvin Gastelum (38-38 going into the fifth)

Round Five: Gastelum starts the round in a similar fashion to the previous rounds with somewhat of a blitz towards Adesanya. Israel lands three lightning fast punches on the head of Gastelum before Kelvin lands a straight left of his own. A takedown from Kelvin is countered with a guillotine attempt from Adesanya but a scramble results in Kelvin Gastelum in Adesanya’s guard. For a moment it seemed like Stylebender had locked up a triangle but he slipped out and the fight returned to the feet. Israel Adesanya is peppering Gastelum’s head with punches, landing hard right hand after hard right hand. Gastelum is in trouble as Israel continues to pour it on, scoring a knockdown. Gastelum gets back to his feet before tying Adesanya against the fence. The men separate and Israel drops Gastelum again with more shots. Israel gets into back mount and lands some more shots. Goddard contemplates stopping the fight but Gastelum gets back to his feet just to be hit with more shots and dropped for the third time in the round. Adesanya follows Gastelum to the ground to try and close the show but the bell goes to end the fight and it goes to the judges. Incredible display from both warriors.

Planet MMA scoring: 10-8 Israel Adesanya (48-46 in favour of Israel Adesanya)

Max Holloway vs Dustin Poirier

Round One: Dustin starts out with an attempted push kick to the body that misses then a successful leg kick. Holloway trying to get the hands going but shots blocked. Dustin blitzes forward and finishes with a leg kick before landing two clean left hands. Right away Holloway lands a shot that clips Dustin and he shortly appears hurt as Holloway pours it on. Dustin defends and circles away from the cage. Poirier then lands a massive overhand right that has Holloway stunned, and now he is the one pouring it on the featherweight champ. Poirier’s power is a HUGE factor in this fight so far. He needs to be careful not to gas himself out as he tries to get the finish, however. The round ends with a head kick blocked by Holloway.

Planet MMA scoring: 10-9 Dustin Poirier

Round Two: The second round starts with a jab to the body from Holloway. Both fighters throw looping shots that are slipped. Poirier lands another good leg kick on Holloway. Holloway doing well to mix his shots up from the head to the body, finding some success so far. The fighters briefly clinch and Poirier lands a clean elbow on the break. Poirier lands another quick straight left. Holloway is landing body shots well but Poirier is doing a good job defending high. Holloway sarcastically applauds a failed takedown attempt from Poirier. Poirier taking it a bit easier this round after expending so much energy in the first. Holloway tearing up the body against the cage and Poirier lands a clean counter left hook. As the men move back to the center of the cage Dustin hurts Holloway again before charging forward. Pouring it on the featherweight champion again, Poirier lands a big right hook that almost drops Holloway. The men trade as the round comes to a close.

Planet MMA scoring: 10-9 Dustin Poirier (20-18 after two rounds)

Round Three: Holloway opens up the third with a leg kick and attempts an elbow of the break of the clinch that misses. Poirier lands a nice right hand to the body before Holloway marches forwards with shots. Poirier using the jab well before landing a grazing hook on Holloway. Poirier landing a couple nice counter left hands as Holloway tries to throw some offence of his own. Holloway having trouble seeing out his right eye as it begins to swell shut. Holloway pouring it on Dustin as his corner begs for a level change. A flying knee attempt from Max turns into Poirier holding Holloway against the cage and absorbing some hard downward elbows. The round ends with the fighters clinching against the cage.

Planet MMA scoring: 10-9 Max Holloway (29-28 in favour of Dustin Poirier)

Round Four: Holloway tags Poirier with a straight right hand as the round begins before Dustin shoots for a takedown against the fence. After brief resistance from Holloway, Dustin completes the takedown. Max gets back to his feet before hitting Poirier with a clean knee to the liver. Dustin throws wild hooks. Holloway still looking totally fresh as Poirier begins to slow down. Max Holloway is really beginning to pour the punches onto Dustin now. As Holloway tees off on Dustin’s body against the cage, Poirier lands a nice counter left but lets out a deep breath after. Dustin Poirier is beginning to look very fatigued now. However, he lands a knee that busts Holloway wide open. Poirier holding Max against the fence delivering some knees to leg of Holloway. Max defends and tries to sink in a last second D’arce choke as the round finishes.

Planet MMA scoring: 10-9 Max Holloway (38-38 going into the fifth)

Round Five: The round opens with the fighters trading leg kicks before Max lands a strong jab. Poirier throws an overhand left that is blocked as the crowd chant to get behind Holloway. The men continue to trade as Holloway seems to be landing the slightly better shots. Poirier continues to throw his jab at a busted up Holloway. Holloway mixes up nicely again moving from body to head. The fighters clinch against the fence as Poirier looks to get another take down. Again, Max defends as we enter the last minute of the fight. A takedown from Poirier here could be important on the scorecards but Max is standing firm. Holloway now has Dustin against the cage as the ten second clapper sounds. The fighters separate and swing for the last five seconds but nothing big lands. The fight is over, could go either way.

Planet MMA scoring: 10-9 Dustin Poirier (48-47 in favor of Dustin Poirier)

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