Rafael dos Anjos Hits Back at ‘cheap whiskey’! McGregor -

At UFC Fight Night 152 Rafael dos Anjos got himself back to winning ways with a submission on opponent Kevin Lee. Many are suggesting it wasn’t his best performance in the octagon but a W is what matters.

Saturday’s win might have perked RDA up enough to take an unusual route to hit back/criticise Conor McGregor and the ‘popular’ Proper Twelve via Twitter.

“That broken foot is my working tool.Making fun as a fellow fighter shows the person you r.Before sleep you wonder what life would’ve been if that fight happened and I made you eat that foot.Enjoy your fortune drinkin that brownwatercheapwhiskey without making fun of my misfortune”

RDA isn’t one to use social media in this way however, he was replying to a picture of his broken foot that Conor had quote tweeted saying ‘Lol my bad, I didn’t know it was actually just a bruise’. This could be a hint that this is what Conor want’s as his return fight after Coach Kavanagh seemed quite confident he would be in his corner again.

Major weight cuts have been troublesome in the past but for RDA a third attempt at making a fight with Conor is no problem if that’s what’s needed. Rafael Dos Anjos will be hoping to improve on his victory over Kevin lee and doing it against Conor McGregor would certainly make it all the more bittersweet.

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