Exclusive: Dean Trueman talks fight prep, Mads Burnell & hopes for the future

I recently spoke with Cage Warriors featherweight champion Dean Trueman, who is now preparing to defend his title against Mads Burnell instead of original opponent Soren Bak.

Image Credit: Cage Warriors

It’s been a crazy few months for the champion. After recovering from an injury, Trueman was scheduled to face Soren Bak at CW 106: Night Of Champions. However Bak, early in April, withdrew from the fight due to not being able to continue with the weight cut. This paved the way for rising contender in the promotion Mads Burnell to step up and have his chance at gold!

Speaking with Dean Trueman, he explained how he feels great going into the upcoming fight and also talks fight preparation and sparring with Kane Mousah and Brendan Loughnane:

”I feel great I’ve got a great team behind me constantly pushing me so I’m in great hands. Fight camp’s always a hard graft but the kind of graft you enjoy as a fighter. Training with Kane and Brendan was great! I trained with Brendan years ago when he was living in Nottingham, but to get rounds in with two fighters at the top of their game was amazing and I’ll 100% make it a regular part of my training.”

Its refreshing to hear that the fight camp is in full swing and not affected by the withdrawal of Soren Bak, who reportedly could not cut any more weight:

”To be honest I half expected it after his last fight in copenhagen. Leading up to our fight I said numerous times the weight cut will be hard for him and will do him more harm than good.”

A statement that definitely proved true and now Trueman will face Mads Burnell, who is riding a 2 fight winning streak within Cage Warriors.

I asked Dean if he had to change anything regarding his approach to the fight and his thoughts on Burnell’s impressive run so far and the threats he poses compared to Bak:

”I base my training around what I have got to do to get the win, so training doesn’t change too dramatically, but I will also be training for bad positions I might find myself in against Mads [Burnell].”

”I honestly think he is a tougher fight than Bak. He has been impressive in Cage Warriors and he was doing well in the UFC until he got caught against Arnold Allen. I rate Mads [Burnell] as a fighter and Im definitely not underestimating him, but on the night it’s me or him and he will have to put me away to stop me.”

Confident in his gameplan and his skill set, he has proven time and time again his Muay Thai and Wrestling is of the highest calibre, too which he told me:

”My games forever improving. My stand up and ground game are constantly improving and I believe I’m the best wrestler the Cage Warriors featherweight division has.”

Looking to his future, I asked what would come next with a successful title defence?

”Im hoping the UFC will give me a call but if not I will best whoever CW [Cage Warriors] put in front of me until the big shows come” he said.

Cage Warriors has long been a feeder for the top talent in the UK and Europe. Current Cage Warriors Alumni Nathaniel Wood, Chris Fishgold, Molly McCann and Jack Marshman were all former Cage Warriors champions before the UFC signed them up. So a call from the promotion is not unlikely at all!

Dean Trueman will face Mads Burnell at CW 106: Night Of Champions at the Eventim Apollo, London on June 29th. The two featherweights are among Europe’s finest so a competitive clash is guaranteed, however… Don’t expect it to last the full five rounds if Dean Trueman has anything to do with it as he predicts a ”TKO in the 3rd round”.

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