Ben Askren speaks on his record-breaking KO loss to Jorge Masvidal

After being brutally knocked out by Jorge Masvidal just 5 seconds into the opening round via flying knee, Ben Askren discussed his UFC 239 loss on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show on Monday.

Many were surprised at Askren’s choice to appear on Helwani’s show so soon after such a vicious KO, but “Funky” assures the fans that he’s “got nothing to hide from.”

“Mistakes happen; losses happen,” Askren stated, seemingly unfazed by his defeat. “Saturday night was obviously not ideal for myself, but I have nothing to complain about.”

“Not ideal” is seemingly an understatement for Askren, who not only recorded his first professional loss on Saturday night, but was knocked out quicker than any other fighter in UFC history. However, this fact wasn’t something that seemed to bother the former Olympian.

“I could tell it was pretty fast because I wasn’t sweaty or sore or anything… Apparently, I guess I set a record of some sort,” he remarked sarcastically.

Askren, who took several moments to regain consciousness following the flying knee, went on to reveal that his memory did not return until he was already at the hospital.

“I remember being in the cage with him,” begins Askren. “I don’t really remember the flying knee. Then, from when I can recall, I was like ‘Oh sh-t. I lost to Jorge Masvidal. This freaking sucks,'” he recalled with a laugh. “I didn’t really have any pain of any sort, not a headache, nothing on my face hurts…”

Many have been critical of Masvidal’s post-fight celebrations, as well as the response of the MMA community towards Askren, but neither of these even seemed to irk the former ONE Champion.

“I feel like I probably deserve it,” Askren joked. “I’ve been antagonizing people for almost a decade now, and I never came up on the other end of the stick.”

Helwani later asked if the KO loss would change how Askren approaches trash-talking in his future fights.

“No! Of course it’s going to be the same,” assured Askren, surely delighting “Funky” fans everywhere.

What’s next for “Funky” Ben Askren? Did you get to see the quickest knockout in UFC history? Let us know in the comments!

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