Jorge Masvidal claims Ben Askren is not in his league

Jorge Masvidal has been riding high since March of this year, taking spectacular KOs of Darren Till & Ben Askren. The latter set the record for the fastest KO in promotional history & the former silenced the entire O2 Arena with one punch. ‘Gamebred‘ has certainly proved himself a worthy contender to champion Kamaru Usman.

His grudge match with rival Ben Askren was known as ‘The People’s Main Event‘ of UFC 239. Masvidal and Askren traded blows for the months in advance to the fight. ‘Gamebred‘ made quick work of Askren, which made rounds on the internet.

When asked if Masvidal would drop his grudge against Askren at the post-fight press-conference, the ATT fighter said that he doesn’t like Askren and never will. He hilariously remarked that if he saw Askren at Whole Foods, he would knock him out.

Masvidal appeared on the ‘Dan LaBatard Show‘ to speak about his future. See what he had to say about Askren below:

“I told the UFC officials I’m so happy you gave me an easy fight but isn’t it a step back, shouldn’t I be getting better guys? They were like ‘No, Ben’s the real deal’, and I go ‘OK, we’ve got different opinions, whatever, we’ll shortly find out’. I showed it,” Masvidal said. “We’re not in the same league by any means necessary.”

He continued, “Every time me and that guy are going to fight, he’s going to have to close the distance. It’s going to be similar outcomes every time. Not that it’s going to be a flying knee every time but I’ve got different weapons that I’ve got prepared for him,” said Masvidal. “Embrace the shot and try to take me down, it’s not going to happen. You’ve got to be slightly more sophisticated. I just want to fight the best guys that there is in the world and make the most money out of it.” 

“Because I’m finally in the position after 16 years.”

The majority of fans believe that Askren’s next fight will come against Masvidal’s previous opponent, Darren Till. Planet MMA‘s @erik-uebelacker wrote an article on why that matchup might not work as we think it will. Read it here.

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