A McGregor return in 2019 ‘realistic’ says teammate Queally

‘The Notorious’ MMA star Conor McGregor hasn’t been in the octagon since September last year, and since 2016 before that. Despite his inactivity, McGregor remains in the news almost constantly and is still the UFC’s biggest draw. With that in mind its no surprise that fans are constantly awaiting news of his return to the cage. So fans will be glad to hear that one his teammates at Straight Blast Gym has said that a return in 2019 is a ‘realistic’ prospect.

McGregor’s SBG teammate Peter Queally. Image:

Peter Queally, who will be fighting against Ryan Scope at Bellator Dublin on September 27 has been giving his opinion on McGregor’s future. The two train together at SBG in Dublin and so Queally has regular contact with his friend McGregor.

[A fight by the end of the year] is realistic,” Queally said. “He’s been struggling a little bit with a hand injury, which has been well documented in the media, so it’s hard to tell, but it’s definitely realistic that he will fight by the end of the year. If he wants to fight by the end of the year, he will fight by the end of the year.”

Whilst Queally says that McGregor could fight by the end of the year, he doesn’t say whether McGregor actually wants to fight. Do you think we will see McGregor back in the octagon in 2019?

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