Colby Covington doesn’t regret Matt Hughes comments: “He’s done some pretty crappy stuff”

Former interim welterweight champion Colby Covington picked up a masterful win over fellow ex-champ Robbie Lawler, this past weekend. ‘Chaos‘ secured a title shot with rival – and world champion – Kamaru Usman. Covington never lost his title inside the cage & considers himself to be the true champion of the 170lbs division.

With his ‘Zuffa Era‘ belt & American flag slung over his shoulder, Covington spoke with Jon Anik, the UFC’s main colour commentator. Amongst several callouts of the champion, Covington said something that would receive extreme backlash. The Coconut-Creek fighter stated, “Hey, let’s talk about the lesson we learned tonight. It’s something Robbie should’ve learned from his buddy Matt Hughes. Stay off the tracks when the train is coming through, junior.”

Those comments were in reference to the tragic accident that welterweight legend Matt Hughes was involved in, back in June 2017. Hughes was struck by a train at a rail crossing, which injured him severely. Covington justified his actions by bringing up Hughes’ legal troubles.

When asked if he regretted bringing up the train incident, Covington said, “Not at all. Did I say something that was offensive? The guy’s done some pretty crappy stuff, he’s got lawsuits against his family, against his brother, I just said the truth, I’m honest. I’m a little bit brutally honest sometimes and people can’t handle it. If people were worried about words but we go in the Octagon to kill each other, don’t be so sensitive, snowflakes.”

Covington is known to be one of the most controversial characters in MMA. The wrestler does not hold back when it comes to speaking his mind to the media.

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