Dana White plans on launching Zuffa Boxing in October

It’s no secret Dana White has been planning to get into the boxing buisness for some time. Finally he has spoken about his plans regarding the future launch of his and parent compant Zuffa, new boxing promotion Zuffa Boxing.

White hasn’t been shy expressing his want to transition into boxing for quite sometime.

“I’ve hired a guy to come in and run the boxing side,” White said in a recent . “Actually over here on the other side of my office, construction is going on, we’re building offices and a war room and all the things that we’re going to need for this thing to start running in October.

“I’m hoping to have Zuffa Boxing fully functional and running by October.”

The brand new UFC Apex facility in Las Vegas is reported to play home or atleast a big part in Zuffa Boxing.

The UFC Apex Facility boasts an inside venue to host and broadcast live fights.
Image Credit: UFC

Dana White has not yet made any official announcements on fighters signed or signing with the promotion, but with his planned launch only two months away, we’re sure there is something up the sleeves of the UFC President.

Do you think Zuffa Boxing can become a leading promotion in an already extremely competitive market? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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