Endeavor push back release of IPO to Septemer or later in the year

Endeavor have pushed back the date of their initial public offering (IPO) to at least September but it could be later in 2019. They had previously aimed to go public during the summer. The parent company of the UFC have long been discussing their intention of going public. Senior analysts at Wall Street had warned that an investment was not for the feint of heart.

The decision to push back the date of the IPO release has reportedly been due to the pending acquisition of a new business to their extensive portfolio. That purchase and the 2nd quarter earnings could give the IPO a higher price than if it had been released earlier.

The latest potential addition, reportedly costing around $700 million, is On Location Experiences LLC. Their company says as follows;

“On Location Experiences is a leader in premium experiential hospitality business, establishing a new industry standard to serve iconic rights holders with extensive experience in ticketing, curated hospitality, live event production and travel management in the worlds of sports and entertainment.”

The new purchase would certainly add more value to the IPO which is likely why they are holding off on the release. There has been no news about what price the IPO.

The decision for Endevour to go public was met with criticism at the time. There has been speculation that the decision was made to try and make a dent in the large amount of debt that the company has accrued when expanding their portfolio. Their debt is currently estimated to be approximately $3.1 billion.

When the parent company of the UFC do eventually release the IPO will you be tempted to invest? Let us know in the comments!

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