Georges St-Pierre says why UFC won’t book fight with Khabib

Georges St-Pierre retired earlier this year officially. After months of rumoring a superfight between him and Khabib Nurmagomedov, all rumours were dropped. Ali Abdelaziz mentioned GSP was next for Khabib after his fight against Dustin Poirier this Saturday.

St-Pierre recently said this in an interview on DAZN with Robin Black:

“I am retired,” St-Pierre said. “I retired because I didn’t want to go back and do the same thing over and over again. Taking a fight takes a lot out of me because I’m very proud so when I perform I have to do it the best I can and the result matters very much for me. So it takes a lot of stress on me. I didn’t want to take another training camp of two-three months – maybe six months with the whole building up with the promotion and everything – out of my life to fight another guy that I don’t have nothing to gain in terms of legacy. If I fight someone and I take six months of my life to focus on it . . . I would need that to be worth it to me. Not only money-wise but legacy wise and satisfaction wise. That’s why I wanted to fight Khabib because I could have lost big but at least I could have win big.

“If I ever come back, it’s not impossible but right now I don’t see nothing. The UFC refuse a fight with Khabib and I and there’s nothing that really excites me.”

With GSP saying the only interesting fight for him is against Nurmagomedov, would you like to see these men potentially face off? Would the UFC book this fight over the Ferguson fight that’s been brewing for years if Khabib gets past Dustin Poirier this Saturday? Leave your thoughts below!

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