Tony Ferguson slams Khabib’s performance vs Poirier; “It was boring and lazy.”

UFC Lightweight Tony Ferguson, who is next in line for a title shot, has slammed the Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov’s performance against Dustin Poirier at UFC 242.

“Lazy. One-dimensional,” Tony Ferguson said. “Nothing against him, both guys did awesome fight week. I know there was a lot of nerves and stuff. Khabib showed up, he obviously won. He put the pressure on Dustin and Dustin didn’t have an answer for it. Props to Khabib for winning but like I said, it’s lazy. We’ve prepared for this guy many times. He’s a good fighter but I know how to break that goat.”

“Well, being my type of fighter and my type of guy, you know I throw a lot of barrage of punches, kicks, knees and elbows,” Ferguson said. “So when I see someone pushing against the cage and not really doing too much, being active and just kind of putting themselves like a wet blanket. In jiu-jitsu, we use that saying. He’s a wet blanket, just sitting there. It’s a lot of pressure. When I fought Danny Castillo he did the same thing. It’s interesting how Khabib fights but to me it’s just boring, it’s lazy.”

Khabib’s wrestling is one of the best, and he uses it very well to smash his opponents. He took Dustin Poirier down 7 times in their fight on Saturday.

Ferguson is next for Khabib, after defeating Donald Cerrone at UFC 238. He has been tipped as the guy who will defeat Khabib, but with Khabib’s wrestling, it will never be easy.

“You can’t just learn wrestling overnight:” said Ferguson. “In Dustin’s case, great fighter and everything but I’ve been doing this a lot longer than Dustin has as far as grappling and chain-wrestling and that kind of a thing. Not taking anything away from Dustin, Dustin went out there and did a hell of a job, same as Khabib, but my style’s a little bit different. Obviously it’s not always gonna work but right now for Khabib I believe my style is actually the one that could out-smart him and out-think him and out-move him, out-maneuver him and put him in places where he’s not familiar.”

The two have been schedueled to fight 4 times, with each one falling apart.

“If I was in charge, we’d do this sh*t in December,” Ferguson said. “You know what, I’m calling it right now. We’re gonna do this sh*t in December. We’re gonna let Khabib go and eat his hamburgers with cheese and all the other bullsh*t – enjoy it, Fathead, don’t get too fat – you know I’m coming at you harder than Tiramisu Tuesday’s. It’s still there. It’s popping. I’ve got some new sh*t for you guys. I’m really excited.”

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