The Time Dana White bailed Jeremy Stephens out of Jail

Uncle Chael, in his usual way, has an interesting story about Jeremy Stephens from 6 years ago at UFC on Fox 5.

Back when UFC was on Fox, Stephens had been the main event of the night. Stephens gets arrested and winds up in jail. Fox did not want someone who had just been arrested fight in the main event. Chael remembers Dan’s reply to the broadcasters:

“Oh yes he will, this my card. I am the one that promised the fans, I am the one that is going to deliver this to the fans…yes he (Stephens) will.”

A warrant was out for Jeremy Stephen’s arrest in Des Moines, Iowa following an assault charge. Mind you, this fight card took place in Minnesota. Right after the weigh ins, the police swooped in and arrested Stephens at his hotel. Dana continued to argue on his fighters’ behalf:

“I was devising a plan to break him out, and come over here and do this fight (…) I am going to support my guy and you don’t have to be; Rampage or Jon Jones or some of the big stars in the UFC. If you are in the UFC and you’ve helped us, you’re a fighter here, I am going to support you, and we’re going to have you back. Depending how serious the matter is.”

Dana White further elaborated on the difficulty he had getting Jeremy Stephens out jail that day:

“They told us what the deal was, what the bail would be, and how we would have to do this. We said okay and agreed with the deal and we were doing it, then they changed the deal, so we agreed to that deal. They changed the deal again. Every time they would give us a deal, I don’t know if they kept throwing these numbers and these scenarios at me to scare me and make me stop trying to get him out.”

Despite Dana’s best efforts, the fight was cancelled.

Jeremy Stephens went on to lose that fight against Yves Edwards in 2012 after rescheduling, by knockout in the first round.

The charges on Jeremy Stephens were eventually dropped in 2013:

Jeremy Stephens fights Yair Rodriguez on September 21, 2019 at UFC on ESPN+ 17.

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