Jorge Masvidal wins BMF title following controversial TKO at UFC 244

We can safely say that we did NOT expect, nor did we want, this outcome.

In the main event of the stacked UFC 244 card, welterweight contenders Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz squared off for the right to be called the UFC’s BMF champion. With US President Donald Trump, boxing legend Roberto Duran and Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson all in attendance, this event was set to go down in history.

Early in the first round, the fighters locked up in the clinch, following a feint-knee from Masvidal. After the separation, the Cuban sensation landed massive blows to Diaz, dropping him with a head kick. The bloodied and beaten Diaz returned to his feet, only to be outclassed by Masvidal.

The second round was much of the same work from Masvidal. While Diaz seemed to land with accuracy, ‘Gamebred‘ was landing the harder punches. A flurry from Diaz opened a small cut under the eye of Masvidal.

Round 3 was arguably the best for Stockton’s own. The lacerations on Diaz’ face became wider and more disfigured as the fight went on. It was clear that the doctor would have to intervene at the end of the round.

Screen-grab of Diaz’ cuts after the fight. Courtesy of ESPN+

After Diaz adamantly protested that the cuts caused him no issues, it appeared that all was well inside the Octagon, heading into round 4. That was, of course, until the ringside-physician announced that the fight had been called off.

As the cuts were as a result of Masvidal’s strikes, he was declared the winner via TKO.

Both men immediately demanded a rematch, presumably in early 2020.

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