Davy Gallon defeats Ross Pearson by Rolling Thunder at Probellum 1

UFC veteran Ross “The Real Deal” Pearson (20-17) looked to return to the winners column after parting ways with the promotion, following a knockout loss to Desmond Green (23-8)

Pearson finished out his UFC contract in early 2019 and retired from the sport. For a time he flirted with the idea of getting involved in Bare Knuckle Boxing. He netted himself a win in the boxing ring (gloved) in May, but would soon return to MMA with Probellum.

The bout was contested at Welterweight and billed as the main event that night. It had been four years since Pearson had last fought in the UK and Frenchman Davy Gallon (17-7) welcomed him home with a stunning KO.

The Rolling Thunder is a kick that has roots in Kyukoshin Karate, a style of Karate that does not allow punches to the head but permits full contact in relation to kicks and knees to head.

We’ve seen Tenshin Nashakawa and Peter Graham bag themselves highlight reel wins in Kickboxing. Conor McGregor played around with it against Max Holloway but the kick has never landed so cleanly in MMA as it did last night.

Ross showed his hands, sharp as always; slipping, weaving, and looking to land hard shots. Gallon proved that he was more than just a sacrificial lamb for the UFC veteran, he controlled the grappling and maintained his preferred distance on the feet.

With less than a minute left Gallon threw up the Rolling Thunder and earned himself a stunning KO to go on his highlight reel.

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