Shamrock offers Jorge Masvidal shot in Valor Fighting Championships

Jorge Masvidal’s (35-13) star has risen over the past year at a staggering rate. He finished Cowboy and lost two fights in a row to Maia and Wonderboy. In 2018 he found himself without a fight and instead working on a reality TV show that he absolutely hated. It did provide him which much needed time to collect his thoughts and reflect on his career so far.

“During my time away from the sport I got to think a lot because I was in isolation a lot. I rediscovered that this is the creature that I am (…) I was spending a lot of time in nature, five six hours a day. At night I don’t sleep much, I stare at the stars(…) reverse engineering everything.”

Masvidal wanted to break away from “The King of the Split Decision” and advance in his career:

“That’s the problem, I’ve been thinking like a fucking peasant this whole time. I bet if I ended those dudes, baptized them, sent them off to the Shadow Realm, what would happen then?”

He got himself together; blasting Darren Till in London, starched Ben Askren and earning himself the fastest Knockout in UFC history. He then went on to challenge Nate Diaz for the BMF belt in Madison Square Garden, forced a doctor stoppage, and had the belt presented to him by The Rock.

What an insane turnaround it has been for Jorge Masvidal. He rose through the ranks and gained recognition through a different combat sport. He started his career with Kimbo Slice and his Backyard in bare knuckle fighting.

Ken Shamrock (28-17-2) has offered Masvidal a chance to return to his roots in a sense, only this time on a bigger platform at Valor Fighting Championship.

“Masvidal fought bare knuckle. He did backyard brawls just like (Kimbo Slice). So I say if that’s the case, why doesn’t he try his hand at Valor? We’d love to find out how bad he is.”

With a varied career, spanning nearly two decades, Masvidal has proven so much and his options are still growing. He has re branded himself as “Street Jesus” and “baptizes” his opponents with fresh motivation. With this offer only one question remains:

Will we see Jorge Masvidal fight for the Welterweight or Nick Diaz next?

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