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    Cauley Quilty

    Jon Jones controversial DQ. It’s the topic we haven’t really thought about for a long while, and the topic that has now resurfaced following Dana White’s comments that he, and the NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Comission) are in talks to overturn Jones’ controversial DQ loss, into a ”No Contest”. If successful, this means both fighters would have the result turned into a No Contest, but is that fair?

    The loss was controversial as the illegality of 12-6 elbows is largely debated within the MMA community, with some seeing no reason why they shouldn’t be allowed, with others arguing the damage that can be caused is simply too much. Controversy aside however, the strike was ILLEGAL according to the rules…

    So is it fair to overturn Jon Jones only loss on his record or perhaps maybe change the rules so that future fights wont be affected in the same way? Or do you have a different thought on the matter?


    Jake Davis

    This is a very controversial topic. Let’s look at both sides of the argument:

    While Jones’ strike was illegal, Steve Mazagatti’s incompetent refereeing played a MASSIVE role in this decision. Matt Hammil is deaf, as we all know. Mazagatti asked Hammil if he wanted to continue… verbally. When Hammil didn’t respond, Mazagatti took this as a sign that Hammil was too injured to continue. This DQ is one of the most outrageous in history, in the eyes of many.

    However, Jones’ did land multiple of these 12-6 elbows. Had Hammil been asked in a way that he could interpret, his response may have been to call the fight off.

    In my opinion, the fight should be overturned to a NC. There is no way to conclude who would’ve actually won the fight, so, the logical conclusion is to have no winner or loser.

    – Jr. Blogger, Jake.

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